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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Eat onions to fight summer heat and regulate blood glucose levels


Diabetes is a condition that affects the body's ability to process blood sugar normally, which leads to an excess of glucose in the blood. There are two different types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. While the first is the result of the pancreas producing little or no insulin, the second is a lifestyle disorder, which causes the body to come back to insulin resistant. Diabetes affects millions of people in India every year and common symptoms of the disease include frequent thirst, frequent urges to urinate, fatigue and hunger and even blurred vision in some cases. Diabetics should be very careful with what they eat every day and even every hour. Diabetics must be very careful with their diet. They should include foods with high fiber content. Fiber allows the slow release of sugar in the bloodstream that prevents abnormal spikes.

There are certain foods and beverages that people can include in their diet to regulate their blood sugar levels and onion is one of them. Vegetables can be beneficial for diabetics, especially during summers.

Advantage of Onion In This Simmer

Onion is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. It is used to prepare almost all curry and rice dishes and is a common part of accompaniments, such as chutneys, salads, etc. The onion also comes with a number of health benefits, which include improving the health of the skin and hair, as well as protecting the body against symptoms of heat stroke. Red onions, which are the most commonly used onions in the Indian subcontinent, are rich in quercetin, which is a flavonoid and has antihistamine properties. This means that it stops the release of histamine allergen from the cells. Therefore, it can help prevent crashes due to heat on the skin. It also helps prevent allergies and fights inflammation in the body.

Advantage of Onion For Diabetes

You can consume onion or onion juice during the summers to combat the adverse impacts of heat, as well as to regulate blood sugar levels. A recently published review of studies on the impact of quercetin has indicated that the compound can help diabetics. The review published in the journal Phytotherapy Research said daily consumption of quercetin supplements at doses of 500 mg or more for eight weeks reduced blood glucose levels in patients with metabolic syndrome. The participants had a high risk of developing diabetes. Apart from that, the juice of the onions is also recommended for consumption and external use during the summers, to treat the heat stroke and to calm the sunburn, respectively.

Another study in rats concluded that diets containing 5 percent onion extracts over a 28-day period could lower fasting blood glucose levels. These antidiabetic effects of red onions come from the presence of quercetin and sulfur compounds.

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