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Friday, May 10, 2019

The first signs of asthma you should know

World Asthma Day is celebrated around the world on May 7. It is a day to raise awareness and educate the masses about this common respiratory disease.

Asthma is a condition in which a person's airway narrows and swells and produces extra mucus that causes difficulty in breathing. This disease is not linked to age and a person can develop symptoms at any time of their life. According to the data, around 15-20 million people suffer from this chronic disease in India.

One thing about asthma that people should know is that it happens without any warning signs and their symptoms are not the same for everyone. It can be mild or severe and, sometimes, it may not even seem to be related to asthma.

There is no permanent cure for this respiratory problem, but it can be treated effectively if it is diagnosed early. Asthma can even become fatal in case of negligence.

The symptoms of this respiratory problem are usually triggered by exposure to cold air, physical activity, smoke, exposure to dust mites, respiratory infections such as the common cold, particles of roach waste, strong emotions and stress. One can keep the symptoms of asthma under control by following a healthy lifestyle, avoiding drugs and smoking.

Here are some of the first symptoms of asthma that you should consider:


Cough is normal when you have a cold and flu. But if your cough keeps coming back after some time and gets worse at night or in the morning, then it can be a sign of asthma. People who suffer from asthma often experience fits of cough several times a day. If you take the right treatment, you can be free of cough.


Wheezing is a sharp whistle that comes from breathing. It is a common symptom of disorders related to the respiratory tract. If you make such sounds, consult your doctor. Some people feel that their asthma problem is minimal, just because their wheezing comes and goes, but this is not true.


If you have just climbed a flight of stairs and you are short of breath, it's time to be diagnosed. He may even have difficulty speaking, eating or sleeping when he is short of breath.

Chest tightness

Feeling a heavyweight in the chest is a sign of tightness in the chest. It feels like an elephant is crushing you. You may feel a dull ache and a stabbing pain in your chest and have trouble breathing deeply.

When are you most likely to suffer from asthma?

While asthma can be triggered by anything and can happen to anyone, but your chance of having asthma is high if you have a history of:

  • You have eczema and other allergies, such as hay fever.

  • Someone in your family suffered from this disease.

  • Your mother smoked while she was pregnant with you.

  • You were born prematurely

  • You suffered from bronchiolitis


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